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So, I say to publishers: Invest in a superb, in-depth, last-all-week Sunday (or better yet, Saturday) paper, a publication so big and rich and engaging that readers will devour it piece by piece over many days, and pay a good price for that pleasure. Get together with each other and consolidate your printing operations, creating one independent print-and-deliver contractor in each geographic region who can shed the outdated and outsized costs of your legacy operations.

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Guardiamo i fatti. Le nuove norme sulle startup, le agevolazioni fiscali, il visto per gli startupper sono cose molto concrete che se ancora non ci rendono un paradiso per gli startupper, certamente ci hanno portato fuori dall’inferno. Così come i successi globali di alcune imprese nate in questi anni. E le prime 21 startup che hanno superato la soglia (piccola, ancora, ma significatica), del milione di euro di fatturato.

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Being a software person is a mindset, not a skill set. What it really means is that it’s a worldview where you see the world through that lens of software. You’re always asking that question, “Can I solve this problem with software?”