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So, I say to publishers: Invest in a superb, in-depth, last-all-week Sunday (or better yet, Saturday) paper, a publication so big and rich and engaging that readers will devour it piece by piece over many days, and pay a good price for that pleasure. Get together with each other and consolidate your printing operations, creating one independent print-and-deliver contractor in each geographic region who can shed the outdated and outsized costs of your legacy operations.

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Guardiamo i fatti. Le nuove norme sulle startup, le agevolazioni fiscali, il visto per gli startupper sono cose molto concrete che se ancora non ci rendono un paradiso per gli startupper, certamente ci hanno portato fuori dall’inferno. Così come i successi globali di alcune imprese nate in questi anni. E le prime 21 startup che hanno superato la soglia (piccola, ancora, ma significatica), del milione di euro di fatturato.

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Being a software person is a mindset, not a skill set. What it really means is that it’s a worldview where you see the world through that lens of software. You’re always asking that question, “Can I solve this problem with software?”

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Being a software person is a mindset, not a skill set. What it really means is that it’s a worldview where you see the world through that lens of software. You’re always asking that question, “Can I solve this problem with software?”

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Most importantly, Google says that its self-drive vehicles focus on safety. They come equipped with sensors that remove blind spots, and can detect objects at a distance of more than two football fields in all directions, which the company notes is helpful particularly on busy streets with several intersections. Google has also limited the speed of its first prototype vehicles at 25 mph.

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A small story in a big change

A few years ago, between 2008 and 2011, I used to travel a lot in UK, US and Israel, seeing a lot of opportunities in my industry, a lot of enthusiasm and growth, and the consolidation of the whole “tech startups” phenomenon that I was looking for.

In Italy there was almost nothing. And Italy was going trough the worst 10-15 years of her recent history. Everyone was depressed, no hope, no dreams. At best. At worst, complaining and moaning morons.

In 2011 I was the only optimist guy about the future of Italy I did know at that time. The. Only. One. I decided to stay in Italy instead of moving away. I started startmiup . I was the only strong supporter of my soon-to-be brother in law to open a Pub, now the successful “La Strada - Vino Letterario”. I joined a few other guys in starting up Faceit. Was exciting times. And hard times. And was all about small things. But has been important.

I was going around saying that the seed of something new and better was there. Than I did “envision a renaissance of culture, craftsmanship and business in Italy”. Not that there were any strong sign. Not that anyone was sold to those words. At most fascinated. Situation was worst then ever. But is exactly in those moments that opportunities shows up, that you have nothing to lose and you can really change yourself and what happens around you.

With time, I started meeting people thinking the same way I did. And I started working with some of them and now our energies are on SiamoSoci and a few more projects that share the common vision that we’re here to do something useful and to improve things as they are, or we’re just worthless. And more and more people around the Country were doing this, living their own personal version of the story I am telling here today.

And while we were busy doing our part, the environment started changing, becoming more and more positive every day. And there was a guy thinking and saying the same things, addressing the Italian political scene, moving wide and up, collecting serious success.

Today Italy shows the World that something did actually happened. Now is real for everyone.

And I am here to say that we’re back and here to stay. That what happened today has a lot to do with something that has been built from ground up. Built with a lot of “I do not care, that’s the right way, let’s move there. Fast”.

Fun is just begun.

And when I see election results in France, UK, Denmark, and sorry to stress about this but this is no news for me, I think that will be Italy to  play a key role in getting the old Europe back on track.

We’re doing our part. We were left in the worst situation after second world war. We did not went to the army and we had to fight an unconventional war. We’re now on our way back to the light.

Future generations, you’re fucking welcome.

And I know, I know that all I wrote here might be or seem a pretentious bunch of bullshit. But is five years I have to let this out as I feel it, whatever it is, so just take it and do whatever you want with it.

But now back to our job. It’s not over.