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I have seen many companies raise their first $3 million and still act like a company that has no resources at all. And while this might sound to the inexperienced person like a sensible idea – it is not. In a VC business when you raise additional capital you need to “level up” and act the round you are

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the team-focused system could be an important motivator — participants feel like they have a stake in their team’s success, even if they’re not No. 1,

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Top 3 things that make me happy these days.

  1. I manage to hire someone I really wanted to hire
  2. A lead for a new great candidate arrives
  3. A sexy girl stares at me and lingers.

That’s it, that’s what happens. So now my perfect eve looks like this.

I am sitting at the bar, having my drink. A sexy girls stares and lingers at me. After a while she approaches me and says: “Hi. I have this new software developer, one of the best I’ve ever met, I think it’s perfect for you. Leave me your number I’ll text you details”.

That’s the dream.

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Curiously, the on-demand subscription music services like Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and Beats Music are all priced the same at more than twice consumer spending on music. They largely land at $120 per year (although Beats has a family-member option for AT&T users at $15 per month.)

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The implication for venture capital in a full stack world is simple: such startups need to master multiple disciplines to fulfill their product visions. (That’s why going full stack isn’t the same thing as being fully vertically integrated; in some ways, it requires technical founders to expand their skillsets more “horizontally” into adjacent areas). To achieve this, however, will require significant amounts of equity capital to invest in multiple domains.

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What I’d expect from Google Music

Google Music is my favourite Music service today. For my use has the best catalogue, the best web app, the best mobile and tablet apps, the unique feature of storing my entire 10K+ tracks collection.

But I need more :) Here’s my top list.

Become a Platform. There’s no API. How’s that even conceivable? Rip Rowan was so right

CD quality or even HD music.  I’d pay more, like double, for high quality music storage and streaming. A Flac is so much better then 320Kbps mp3. And think about real HD music.

Some sort of plugin system. This one is complicated. Especially for the mobile apps. But it should be extendable. Is complicated but is Google so I can expect it :)

The bad thing being Google to deliver this service, is that I have not idea if and how they’re listening to their customers. Also it seems they’re doing a really bad job promoting the service, at least in Italy. I do not remember anyone, literally, that know what Music or All Access are  about, or that they even exist.

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I came up with a new habit that I think will allow me to pursue one thing: become a better writer, one who writes meaningful stuff and shares interesting content.

Here’s my recipe: I’ll publish something daily, keeping the topic fixed for a given weekday. I’ll write when I can but I’ll stay committed to schedule post according to that plan. Here’s a tentative plan:

Monday: processes and teams

Tuesday: technology

Wednesday: startups in Italy

Thursday: music (song or album, playable)

Friday: more various: videos, quotes, sparse thoughts.

I think I can keep the weekend for life related stuff, special events, “what’s going on” updates and a little bit of improvisation.

I’ve already started, this one is on topic for a Sunday :)

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